Price: $450.00

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Don Quixote . . . has a special place in my heart.  Is he a madman? A romantic old fool? Or, has he given life, often so confusing and paradoxical to each of one us, a mythic reality?  I see him care-worn and world weary, given to one last tilt at the ridiculous and tragic construct that is human society. 

A sculpture studio specializing in artisan quality creature props, dramatic military, action, and custom sculptures. 

This bust is solid resin (cold-cast bronze) and weighs about 13.5 lbs. It is about 13" tall and is 12" at the shoulders. The surface treatment has been wiped with a patina reagent and then finished with layers of green, brown, and clear hard shell wax. Use bright lighting to bring out these deep colors.  

​Dark Oak Creations